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Nov 14, 2012 4:00pm PST
investigative talents he had admired for some time. raquel agreed to travel to mexico city and to meet pedro castillo in his office. gracias, raquel. esto es muy importante para mí. no hay de qué. bueno, ya me voy. debo repasar la información sobre la familia. bien. adiós. adiós, pedro. bueno, vamos a repasar los miembros de la familia castillo. ¿quién es el padre de la familia castillo? ¿pedro? ¿o fernando? fernando es el padre. ¿cuál es la relación entre pedro y fernando? ¿son padre e hijo? ¿o son hermanos? pedro y fernando son hermanos. ¿y fernando? ¿tiene hijos? sí, tiene cuatro hijos: mercedes, ramón, carlos y juan. ¿quiénes de los hijos viven en la gavia? ¿carlos y ramón? no. mercedes y ramón viven en la gavia. ¿dónde vive carlos? ¿en la ciudad de méxico? ¿o en miami? carlos vive en miami. ¿y juan? ¿dónde vive? ¿en la ciudad de méxico? ¿o en nueva york? juan vive en nueva york. entonces, la familia castillo saavedra consiste en fernando, el padre y pedro, su hermano. fernando tiene cuatro hijos: una hija, mercedes y tres hijos, ramón, carlos y juan. m
Nov 9, 2012 4:00pm PST
. vote! elections, from city council to president of the united states, we elect men and women to represent us at every level and in every branch of government. the people we choose make critical policy decisions, craft our laws, and judge us in many of our courts. considering that elected officials determine so much about the lives we lead, on what basis do we -- or should we -- choose and support a candidate? i'm renee poussaint. our elected representatives are just that, elected. in order to win, a candidate must campaign to convince the voters that he or she is the best choice for the job. and campaigning requires many critical decisions. should limited resources go to court this group or that? should candidates just focus on their own political ideas or mount a negative attack on the opponent? and how should thorny issues be handled? one thing is certain -- key to winning at every level is the crucial word "strategy." one issue nearly derailed the campaign of john f. kennedy, the 35th president of the united states -- he was a catholic. in 1960, there was a certain amount
Nov 15, 2012 9:00am PST
patterns. it's the city late at night. chris gets involved in a violent scene that he can't really understand. and, in fact, it's quite violent. for the time, the idea that a woman would be lying on the ground while this guy is kicking her is fairly sadistic and is typical of more violence. along the sociological analysis, chris feels that to be masculine, first of all, you save women in distress; and, secondly, to be masculine, you also have a glamorous woman interested in you. we might also have been wondering, is she the noir femme fatale? is he hurt? i'll go call a policeman. no, wait! wait! she's kind of fetishized, wrapped up this transparent raincoat, which is both tawdry and glamorous at the same time, a beautiful, mysterious woman who is instantly duplicitous. where'd they go? in that direction. what does he look like? i don't know. i didn't see his face. he took $15. he didn't believe it was all i had, so he began pushing me around. then this gentleman ran in and knocked him down. that's right, officer. he was right there. i couldn't hold him. he got up and ran. come on.
Nov 14, 2012 9:00am PST
glaciation is tied to the future of the world's great coastal cities. glaciers are responsible for fascinating land forms and for cycles of great change on the earth's surface. the regular cycles of glacial advance and retreat are in a sense the pulse of the earth, or a clock for measuring portions of geologic time. but even more important, glacial cycles contain vital clues, clues to the conditions that future inhabitants of the earth will someday inherit. captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. captions copyright 1991, the corporation for community college television annenberg media ♪ for information about this and other annenberg media programs call 1-800-learner and visit us at annenberg media ♪ when we look at a sunset, we see waves of light energy that have traveled an immense distance to reach our eyes. when we look at an ocean, we see waves of water energy that may have journeyed thousands of kilometers to reach our shores. most waves derive their energy from the wind. as the wind blows over the ocean, some of its energy is t
Nov 13, 2012 9:00am PST
, but in the cities those one child families are emerging more and less like the middle class of the west, where people - where the single child is of the parents and they go of to school and - >> my question really was, how is this affecting their religious beliefs? >> well the family structure is no longer, this extended family is not the same metaphor for which is based in the agrarian society. so the new metaphor for the family is more, there's me, and my parents, and there's individualism that's emerging in that and again the notion of these sets of this old metaphor of confucius and confucianism has been as a social philosophy has been diminish over time. >> that's what i was wondering, what happens to the religions themselves and that as you say they're diminishing because it's become more of a social pressure? >> that's right, and marxism came in and said no to confucianism and replaced the concept of, not the family but the work unit, and production that was the principle metaphor of society. and that is breaking up and now you have in a sense a third metaphor that is no longer the old
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
with the search for a missing person. rosario... perdóname... perdóname. the story begins outside of mexico city. don fernando castillo saavedra left his native spain at the end of the spanish civil war in 1939. old and in ill health, he has retired to his country estate knowing that the end of his life is near. but don fernando's past has come back to haunt him in a letter from spain. after revealing a long-kept secret to his family don fernando asks his brother pedro for help and the family hires a lawyer, raquel rodríguez to investigate the claims made in the letter. you will follow raquel on her investigation. her journey takes her first to sevilla a city in southern spain. sevilla is a city of churches, the famed giralda tower and open-air markets. ivaya a ver que le damos de premio! in sevilla, raquel begins her investigation. her first contact is with this woman, elena ramírez. her initial inquiries fail to reveal anything. ¿...o de don fernando? no. nunca. jamás. while in sevilla, raquel gets sidetracked in a chase with a boy and his dog. raquel soon discovers she must travel to madr
Nov 15, 2012 4:00pm PST
rodríguez is on her way from mexico city to sevilla, spain. it is raquel's mission to find the truth that will put the secret to rest and bring peace to a dying old man. in the chapel of the hacienda la gavia just outside mexico city don fernando castillo prays for forgiveness. what is the secret of his past that he has so tried to forget? rosario, ¿eres tú? as a young man in spain he met a beautiful woman named rosario. they fell in love and married on the eve of the civil war. fernando thought rosario had perished in the bombing of guernica. having moved to mexico and remarried he buried his painful memory and never mentioned her to his family to his daughter, mercedes to his sons, ramón, carlos and juan nor to his younger brother, pedro. this letter says that rosario had survived the bombing. raquel's search: to find the letter writer and uncover the truth. raquel viaja de la ciudad de méxico a sevilla, una ciudad de españa. españa-- un país europeo. al norte está francia y el mar cantábrico. al oeste está portugal y el océano atlántico. al sur está africa y al este,
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7